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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Israel about:"The war atmosphere of the Mossad in Iran"

 By Charlotte BOITIAUX

Tehran accuses Israel of killing an Iranian scientist Wednesday nuclear expert, prompting the hypothesis of a secret war waged by Israel against Iran. Decryption with Alain Rodier, intelligence specialist military-industrial.

It is 7:30 in the morning when Massoud Ali Mohammadi left, Tuesday, January 12, 2010, his house perched in fashionable areas of the Iranian capital. The nuclear physicist and professor at Tehran University embraces his wife before disappearing into the parking lot. Seconds later, a powerful blast shook the neighborhood. The man, blown by the explosion of a bomb magnetic stuck on his car, died instantly.
That day, Masoud Mohammadi Ali became the first Iranian scientist to die murdered in Iran since the relations between Tehran and the international community have soured on the Iranian nuclear program. Since then, the list has grown until Wednesday, January 11, the day Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, an Iranian physicist, deputy director of nuclear enrichment site in Natanz, also died in the explosion of a magnetic bomb placed on his car while driving near the University Allameh Tabatabai in the east of Tehran.
"Killed by the same procedure"
Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan is the fourth Iranian scientist killed in two years. And this new death raises many questions. Not only because the man was also directly related to the nuclear programs of the Republic of the mullahs, but also because his murder followed the same procedure as that used for some of the previous victims.
"Two bikers come up to the victim's car, one is the driver, the other running. The latter is responsible for planting the bomb on the magnetic body of the car focused. The explosion is then triggered remote, "says Alain Rodier, intelligence specialist military-industrial and terrorism in the French Centre for Research on Intelligence. Cold, calculated and sadly effective, these assassinations leave "virtually no chance the victim to get out alive," he adds.
A modus operandi that many attribute to the Mossad, the intelligence service of the Jewish state , although it has never claimed any of these murders. " The questioning in the deaths of Israelis is more than likely , "continued the expert. "Israel and the United States is the only country to have a mobile [Tehran vowed the destruction of the Jewish state, note]. They are also both countries have the means to carry out these actions."
Know-how sophisticated
And according to experts, Israel does not have his first attempt. The appearance of the mysterious Stuxnet computer virus that infected the summer of 2010 the computers of Iran's nuclear plants is "no doubt" also the the work of Mossad, he argues. Add to hacking and murder of scientists the mysterious explosion that occurred in November 2011 in an ammunition depot near Tehran - which caused the death of General Hassan Moghadam - and you "know-how of Israeli secret service, "continued the expert. Know-how "sophisticated". "Their tactic is available in two modes: the operations homo ', which target Iranian scientists and operations arma' oriented industrial and computer sabotage", the expert develops.
To carry out its dirty work, the Mossad, which can act directly on Iranian soil, would use intermediaries, "the Iranians recruited and trained by the Secret Service of the Jewish state to carry out attacks," said the specialist. A theory that could be corroborated by the case Majid Jamali Fash, the name of the Iranian sentenced to death in 2010 for the murder of Mohammad Ali Massoud . He confessed to have been caused by the Israeli secret service. But in Iran, many confessions were extracted under torture, however.
Create a climate of insecurity
The question remains: Why choose a shadow war with air strikes? "Just because no official identified no possible reaction from Tehran," says Alain Rodier. "A conventional offensive with air strikes would be an open declaration of war with incalculable consequences." The silence of Israel is required. One of the rules of war of the shadow is never to assert any action whatsoever. Denying any involvement, is to avoid military escalation, while creating a climate of insecurity in Iran. "Being a scientist in this country is a high-risk occupation. A kind of psychosis has also installed a few years. The Iranian intelligence make them move regularly, offer them protection services. The whole atmosphere detrimental to the conduct of scientific research serene, is a small victory for Israel. "
Remains to be seen how long a war strategy atmosphere can hold. A question that Alain Rodier boot button. "Difficult to answer ... As long as the mullahs remain in power, I think these attacks will be perpetuated," concluded the expert.

Translated from:France 24 

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